Our teachers

The Weekday Preschool classroom teachers are experienced educators with associates to masters level degrees in early childhood education.  All of our staff members have a deep belief in the value of a play-based preschool experience for your child. Our goal is to prepare each student for the elementary school experience by encouraging creative approaches to problem solving and the development of age-appropriate social skills​​.

Our school year calendar 2018-2019

A play-based curriculum is at the core of our program. The staff incorporates both NAEYC guidelines and "Creative Curriculum" in developing a variety of learning experiences appropriate to the ages of our students. As a part of Flossmoor Community Church, the Weekday Preschool models and encourages Christian values and behaviors, but there is no specific Christian education component in the curriculum. Children of all faiths are welcome.

our philosophy

18- Playground Clean-Up 9:00-11:00am
22- Teacher Meeting Noon

22/23/24/27/28 Teacher Work Days
29- Parent Orientation 7:00pm
30/31- Meet Your Teacher Day

3- Labor Day NO School

4- Classes BEGIN!
4/5/6/7- 2's & 3's Half the Class

11- WPPA Meeting 9:15

12- Teacher Meeting Noon

19- Yom Kippur NO School
20- Parent/Tot Begins 9:15

25/26/27- 1st semester Enrichments Begin

8- Columbus Day NO School

9- WPPA Meeting 9:15

11- Teacher Meeting Noon- NO enrichments

12- 4/5s Children Farm field trip
19- Sock Hop 6:30-8pm
30 & 31- Halloween Parties- NO enrichments


3- Playground Clean-Up 9:00-11:00

5- Teachers Meeting

6- WPPA Meeting 9:15

19 & 20- Parent/Teacher Conferences
21/22/23- Happy Thanksgiving NO School

4- WPPA Meeting 9:15

7- Teacher's Meeting Noon

19 & 20- Holiday Parties No enrichments
21- First Day of Winter Break NO School
December 24-January 7- Winter Break NO School

January 2019
7- Teachers Institute

8- Classes Resume & WPPA Meeting 9:15
21- Martin Luther King Jr. Day NO School
22/23/24/25- Teddy Bear Picnics

24- Parent/Tot 2nd Semester

29- 2nd Semester Enrichments Begin
5- WPPA Meeting 9:15

12- Teachers Meeting Noon- No enrichment 
18- Presidents Day No School


4- Pulaski Day NO School
5- WPPA Meeting 9:15

8- Teacher Meeting Noon
21 & 22- Parent/Teacher Conferences
25/26/27/28/29- Spring Break NO School

1- Classes Resume 

2- WPPA Meeting 9:15

3- Teacher Meeting Noon- No enrichment

19- NO School- Good Friday
7- WPPA Meeting 9:15
9 & 10 Mothers Day Teas

16- Parent/Tot Picnic

16- Teacher Meeting/Luncheon 
22 & 23- End of Year Picnics

24 NO School & WPS work day